The Scientific Committee is composed of the members of the LOC, the board of the European College of Porcine Health Management, and the Veterinay Practitioners Council.
The Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr. Carl Andreas Grøntvedt.

Local Organising Committee

Prof. Dr. Heiko Nathues

Head of LOC and Chair of ESPHM 2025

Dr. Alexander Grahofer

Vetsuisse Bern

Dr. Dolf Kümmerlen

Vetsuisse Zürich

Dr. Patricia Scheer

Cantonal Veterinary Office Bern

Dr. Robert Graage

Swine Health Service QGS

Dr. Vroni Jeker

Swiss Association of Swine Health

Dr. Fabienne Holenweger

Young Pig Vets

Board of the ECPHM

Dr. Nicolas Rose


Dr. Carl Andreas Grøntvedt

Vice President

Prof. Dr. Heiko Nathues


Prof. Dr. Doris Höltig


Dr. Elena Canelli


Prof. Dr. Arie van Nes

Board Member

Dr. Christine Unterweger

Board Member

Veterinary Practitioner Council

Dr. Andreas Birch

Ø-Vet A/S

Dr. Antonio Vela Bello


Dr. Karien Koenders

Lintjeshof Farm Health Solutions

Dr. Martin Pfützner

Tierärztliche Praxis am Weinberg

Dr. Piotr Cybulski

Goodvalley Agro S.A.

Dr. Salome Siegenthaler

Clinic for Swine, Bern University

Dr. Ursula Friedmann

PFI DR VET – Die Tierärzte OG